Hurricane Katrina Cement Terminal Project

New Orleans, LA

Due to massive flooding, Hurricane Katrina caused severe damage to the New Orleans cement distribution terminal. The facility was located on the ocean side of the levies that were breached. All of the electrical power and control systems to the entire facility were submerged under water, except the main switchgear feeding the facility. Behrent Engineering was contracted to provide the engineering services necessary to get the facility operational as quickly as possible.

The New Orleans area was in dire need of the cement to help repair the devastation caused by the hurricane. Behrent designed a 35’ all-steel building to house the power and control components to get their system operational again. Under Behrents supervision, the building was constructed in the Denver area and then shipped to New Orleans. It was placed upon an elevated steel platform to prevent any future flooding issues.

Behrent was also responsible for the power design, control system design, programming the PLC and MMI, as well as performing the onsite start-up. The New Orleans cement distribution terminal was the first cement terminal to be back in operation one year after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area.

XCEL Compressor Project

Denver, Colorado

Behrent Engineering was contracted by a major Colorado Gas Utility Company to provide the engineering and design services associated with adding a third engine/compressor unit to their Marshall Compressor Station. The new compressor unit required a Unit Control Panel to operate, control, monitor, and protect the engine/compressor combination.

The following engineering and design services were included in the scope of work:

  • Schematic Drawings, including P&ID drawings, Cause & Effect diagram, Control Power schematic, update Network Architecture Drawing.
  • Panel Fabrication Drawings, including component selection and Bill of Material, Panel Layout drawing, and internal wiring diagrams.
  • Panel Fabrication, including procurement of all components required for panel.
  • Construction Drawings and Documents, including Component Layout Drawing, External Wiring Diagrams, Cable Schedule, and Contractor’s scope of work.
  • PLC Software, including main program and subroutines for: emergency shutdown logic, normal protective shutdown logic, alarm logic, start and stop sequence logic, loading and unloading logic, speed control, recycle valve control, associated equipment control, machine statistics logging, input conditioning and scaling, output buffering, communications to Unit HMI, and communications to Station PLC.
  • HMI Software, including Unit #3 overview screen, ESD screen, Unit#3 status screen, valve control pop‐up screen, cylinder control pop‐up screen, manual operation pop‐up screen, engine temperatures screen, engine pressures screen, vibration override pop‐up, operation setpoint screen, alarm setpoints screen, shutdown setpoints screen, PID control screen, alarm screen, discrete I/O status screen, analog I/O status screen, thermocouple reading screen, trend screen, four ESM status screens, and HMI screen shots for description of operation. Adapt existing description of operation for this unit.
  • Check‐out PLC Panel and Test PLC/HMI software, including write detailed panel check‐out plan, panel check‐out, write detailed integrated (PLC and HMI) software test plan, test PLC and HMI software.
  • Support for Unit testing at compressor / engine assembly shop.
  • Commissioning support and start‐up support on site.
  • As‐built Documentation

Colorado Springs Power Plant

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Behrent Engineering was contracted to provide engineering and design services associated with a two story steel frame building to house the electrical equipment for a capture subsystem at a power plant located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The building was a steel framed building on a concrete foundation. It was important to protect the structure from the hydrogen tanks nearby.

Behrent Engineering provided the following engineering and design services for this project:

  • Developed design criteria for structural steel and concrete foundations
  • Developed structural model for building
  • Designed & detailed foundations
  • Designed & detailed building steel framing system
  • Designed CMU wall
  • Developed buildup roof requirements and details
  • Developed cable tray supports & bus duct supports
  • Designed structural steel needed to support the HVAC unit
  • Developed AutoCAD model for pipe racks
  • Designed pipe racks, duct racks and cable trays on exterior of building
  • Prepared drawing details for FRP ductwork.
  • Designed additional structural steel supports and foundations for the absorber inlet and outlet ductwork.
  • Designed new steel platform and stairs for access to FRP duct access doors on the absorber inlet duct.
  • Designed new steel supports for absorber recirculation pipes, inline filters and access platform to in-line filters.
  • Analyzed ductwork corrosion allowance downstream of I.D. Fan.
  • Analyzed existing by-pass ductwork for boiler implosion forces.

Golden Brewery Upgrades

Golden, Colorado

Behrent Engineering was retained to provide an ongoing onsite Plant Project Mechanical Engineer and Plant Project Coordinator for a large brewery located in Golden, Colorado. The onsite engineer was to act as an extension of the clients engineering department, and to work on a wide variety of projects as necessary. For decades, Behrent has been providing multi-disciplined engineering and design services to this world renowned brewery for projects both big and small. As Plant Project Mechanical Engineer, the onsite engineer was responsible for the following:

  • Project management
  • Procurement
  • Preliminary mechanical bid design drawings
  • Reviewing project SOW and bid document with contractors
  • Reviewing and updating construction SOW
  • Construction management
  • Reviewing vendor drawings with team.
  • Providing asset disposal documentation (IFRS and GAAP)
  • Reviewing EH&S documents with team.

As Plant Project Coordinator, the onsite engineer was responsible for the following:

  • Bottle Crown Tote to Carton and 3B Back End projects
  • Support of 6B Heritage and 3B Warmer
  • Providing input/technical decision-making direction on new projects
  • Coordinating internal efforts for plant implementation.
  • Providing MOC coordination.

Projects included:

  • 6B box shop north carton erector 1x2 case conveyor table.
  • 6 B box shop auto glue feed to carton erector.
  • 6-3 full case conveying curve installation (replace portec).
  • 3B QC station relocation.
  • 6B QC station upgrade.
  • 7B QC station upgrade.
  • 7B Partition Inserter Installation.
  • 6-1 Box Shop carton guide rails.
  • 6-1 Box Shop 8’-0” Rapistan conveyor replacement.

Florence Cement Plant Project

Florence, Colorado

Behrent Engineering was contracted by a major cement manufacturer to provide engineering and design services for the take-up associated with belt conveyor 331-BC at their cement plant located in Florence, Colorado. The design was to add steel platforms around the existing take-up weight box and add a hoist beam to lift the take-up box. Behrent provided the following engineering and design services:

  • A 3D laser scan of the area was performed to create accurate drawings of the existing conditions.
  • A 3D model was created.
  • Designed the locations of the access platforms.
  • Provided the design drawings and details for the steel framing and concrete foundations.
  • Provided details for a hoist beam located at the top of the platform support tower that could hoist up the counter weight and take the load off of the conveyor belt.
  • Provided details on framing off of the existing steel conveyor support bent.
  • Provided specifications for procurement of a new hoist.

Tehachapi CEMS Stack Platforms

Tehachapi, California

Behrent Engineering was contracted by a major cement manufacturer to provide engineering and design services associated with requirements for Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS) stack platforms at their Tehachapi Plant located in California. The company was required to update their stacks to include continuous emission monitoring (CEMS) according to the NESHAPS standards by the EPA. The upgrade included the extension of the existing stack platform, new cable tray to the existing ACI room, and new monitoring ports.

Behrent Engineering provided the following engineering and design services:

  • Reviewed the existing design drawings for the existing stack and platform
  • Visited the site to take measurements and collect field data
  • Modeled the existing stack and platform
  • Provided the layout of the new ports on the existing stack
  • Designed new extensions to the existing platform
  • Detailed all connections, including new steel to existing platform, and new steel to existing stack
  • Provided the layout and design of new cable tray supports extending back to the existing ACI room
  • Prepared structural check calculations as required
  • Stamped the structural calculations with State of California Engineer’s stamp
  • Stamped the design drawings with State of California Engineer’s stamp

Canon City Correctional Facility

Canon City, Colorado

Behrent Engineering was contracted to provide engineering and design services for Facility Improvement Measures (FIMs) at a Correctional Facility in Canon City, Colorado. The Design Documents and Construction Documents were prepared by Behrent in accordance with the Facility Improvement Measure design requirements. The FIMs were defined as:

  • Boiler Replacement of 2 Existing Steam Boilers in the CTCF Boiler House
  • Boiler House High Efficiency Domestic Hot Water Heaters
  • Central High Efficiency Domestic Hot Water Heaters
  • Kitchen Natural Gas Steam Generator
  • Heat Pump Replacement

The engineering and design services that Behrent provided to support the FIMs were as follows:

  • Combustion air calculations and combustion vent sizing.
  • Steam load review.
  • Equipment sizing and verification.
  • Code and compliance review.
  • Equipment exhaust stack design.
  • General Arrangement Plans, Sections, and Details for each FIM showing equipment layouts and tie-in points.
  • Natural gas line(s) sizing, specification, and routing.
  • Domestic hot water line size verification and routing.
  • Foundation pad(s) design and specification.
  • Electrical Plan Views / Scope of Work Drawings
  • Electrical One Line Diagrams
  • Electrical Panel Schedules

Boulder Pharma Dust Collection

Boulder, Colorado

Behrent Engineering was contracted by a pharmaceutical company located in Boulder, Colorado to engineer a dust collection system for their facility.

Behrent provided the following engineering services:

  • Visited site to take measurements of the existing hood
  • Measured the clearance of existing hood to nearby pressure indicating gauges and other equipment.
  • Created fabrication GA drawings for use by the fabrication company to fabricate the new hood.
  • Procured the new hood and provided fabrication support.
  • Provided installation support and final testing

Niota Ammonia Terminal PSV Study

Niota, Illinois

At the Niota ammonia distribution terminal it was desired to eliminate the possibility of accidental release of ammonia to the atmosphere by protecting all tanks, vessels, equipment, and piping from overpressure scenarios, and by destroying any release of ammonia by the use of flaring.

Behrent Engineering was contracted to perform a detailed study, and to make necessary recommendations for additional and/or different pressure/vacuum relief valves, hydrostatic relief valves, piping, flare headers and new flares.

Climax Mine Dewatering Project

Leadville, Colorado

Behrent Engineering was contracted to provide electrical engineering and design services relating to the construction of a pumping system to withdraw groundwater at the Climax Molybdenum Mine located in Leadville, Colorado.

The key conceptual arrangements that were analyzed included the following:

  • Determination of connectivity between No. 5 Shaft and the underground workings,
  • Assess and compare enlargement of the No. 5 Shaft system to provide drainage from a lower elevation,
  • Assess and compare construction of a new mine dewatering facility utilizing the underground access from the surface to the No. 4 Crusher on the 600 level, including additional, existing, and new boreholes and drifting to provide a complete system down to the 900 level
  • Assess and compare construction of a dewatering system entirely within the open pit or conjunctively integrated with the 5 Shaft or 3 Gallery systems to provide service down to the 900 level
  • Evaluate the feasibility for constructing an interception system along the pit access road to minimize the amount of inflow that must be pumped.
  • Behrent was retained to provide the design and analysis relating to the electrical power availability at the expected terminal locations for the pumping system. 

The engineering and design services included:

  • Providing assistance in sizing and locating power distribution terminals
  • Providing switchgear selection and sizing
  • Providing motor selection and sizing for the various pump station alternatives
  • Providing cost estimates for electrical construction 
  • Providing control circuitry design for Phase III of the project