Climax Mine Dewatering Project

Leadville, Colorado

Climax Mine Dewatering Project

Behrent Engineering was contracted to provide electrical engineering and design services relating to the construction of a pumping system to withdraw groundwater at the Climax Molybdenum Mine located in Leadville, Colorado.

The key conceptual arrangements that were analyzed included the following:

  • Determination of connectivity between No. 5 Shaft and the underground workings,
  • Assess and compare enlargement of the No. 5 Shaft system to provide drainage from a lower elevation,
  • Assess and compare construction of a new mine dewatering facility utilizing the underground access from the surface to the No. 4 Crusher on the 600 level, including additional, existing, and new boreholes and drifting to provide a complete system down to the 900 level
  • Assess and compare construction of a dewatering system entirely within the open pit or conjunctively integrated with the 5 Shaft or 3 Gallery systems to provide service down to the 900 level
  • Evaluate the feasibility for constructing an interception system along the pit access road to minimize the amount of inflow that must be pumped.
  • Behrent was retained to provide the design and analysis relating to the electrical power availability at the expected terminal locations for the pumping system.¬†

The engineering and design services included:

  • Providing assistance in sizing and locating power distribution terminals
  • Providing switchgear selection and sizing
  • Providing motor selection and sizing for the various pump station alternatives
  • Providing cost estimates for electrical construction¬†
  • Providing control circuitry design for Phase III of the project