Edmonton Cement Terminal Upgrade

Alberta, Canada

Edmonton Cement Terminal Upgrade

The Edmonton Cement Terminal was forecasting cement volume demands that would exceed the current capacity of the terminal. In order to achieve sufficient capacity to supply the demand, the terminal needed equipment upgrades and increased silo capacity.

In order to continually replenish the silo’s, the terminal needed to increase the rate of unloading cement from rail cars to silo from 50tph to 150tph. To ensure ample capacity,

Behrent was tasked with designing for 200tph. The design included building a new pit such that 2 rail hatches could be opened and discharged at the same time. The existing screw auger was demolished and replaced with two drag conveyors which move cement at a rate of 100tph each. Together these two drag conveyors feed to a new bucket elevator of 200tph. In order to increase storage capacity and add a 4th product, Behrent included in the design a new silo of approximately 700t.

Behrent Engineering was responsible for bringing together general assembly drawings in order to finalize an RFQ for the final equipment tendering.

Behrent Engineering was also responsible for the construction management of this project.