Florence Cement Plant Project

Florence, Colorado

Florence Cement Plant

Behrent Engineering was contracted by a major cement manufacturer to provide engineering and design services for the take-up associated with belt conveyor 331-BC at their cement plant located in Florence, Colorado. The design was to add steel platforms around the existing take-up weight box and add a hoist beam to lift the take-up box. Behrent provided the following engineering and design services:

  • A 3D laser scan of the area was performed to create accurate drawings of the existing conditions.
  • A 3D model was created.
  • Designed the locations of the access platforms.
  • Provided the design drawings and details for the steel framing and concrete foundations.
  • Provided details for a hoist beam located at the top of the platform support tower that could hoist up the counter weight and take the load off of the conveyor belt.
  • Provided details on framing off of the existing steel conveyor support bent.
  • Provided specifications for procurement of a new hoist.