Homestead Anhydrous Ammonia Facility

Homestead, Nebraska

Homestead Anhydrous Ammonia Facility

At the Homestead anhydrous ammonia distribution terminal it was desired to eliminate the possibility of accidental release of anhydrous ammonia to the atmosphere by protecting all tanks, vessels, equipment, and piping from overpressure scenarios, and by destroying any release of ammonia by the use of flaring.

Behrent Engineering was given the task of determining the necessary pressure/vacuum relief rates for the tanks, equipment vessels and piping for a safe operation.

Recommendations were provided by Behrent for additional and/or different pressure/vacuum relief valves, hydrostatic relief valves, piping, flare headers, flares, etc.

Behrent provided Mechanical, Electrical, and Structural Engineering to produce a Contractor IFB package including Scope of Work, 2-D piping drawings, Bill of Materials, Electrical Plans, Wiring Diagrams, Structural Plans and details for Flare modifications or new installation as required.

Final record drawing P&IDs and electrical drawings were provided after construction completion.