Hurricane Katrina Cement Terminal Project

New Orleans, LA


Due to massive flooding, Hurricane Katrina caused severe damage to the New Orleans cement distribution terminal. The facility was located on the ocean side of the levies that were breached. All of the electrical power and control systems to the entire facility were submerged under water, except the main switchgear feeding the facility. Behrent Engineering was contracted to provide the engineering services necessary to get the facility operational as quickly as possible.

The New Orleans area was in dire need of the cement to help repair the devastation caused by the hurricane. Behrent designed a 35’ all-steel building to house the power and control components to get their system operational again. Under Behrents supervision, the building was constructed in the Denver area and then shipped to New Orleans. It was placed upon an elevated steel platform to prevent any future flooding issues.

Behrent was also responsible for the power design, control system design, programming the PLC and MMI, as well as performing the onsite start-up. The New Orleans cement distribution terminal was the first cement terminal to be back in operation one year after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area.