Lyons CEMS & DAHS Project

Lyons, Colorado


In order to comply with new federal regulations regarding allowable emissions at cement plants, it was necessary to install Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and Data Acquisition and Handling Systems (DAHS) at eleven of our clients cement manufacturing facilities across the United States.

Behrent Engineering provided the required engineering design and development of the bid packages to submit to third party contractors for the installation of the CEMS & DAHS systems. These systems were installed on the main kiln emission stack and all other emission stacks as necessary.  Site visits were conducted by lead members of Behrent’s project team to gather field information and help to determine the location of the CEMS building and cable tray routing. General arrangement drawings were prepared to show the overall location of the CEMS building, the emission stacks, stack platforms, cable tray routing and overall site dimensions.