Metates Mine Project

Durango, Mexico

Metates Mine Project

Behrent Engineering was contracted to perform a prefeasibility study for a proposed zinc solvent extraction and electrowinning (Zn SX-EW) plant, known as the Metates Mine Project in Durango, Mexico.  The proposed plant was expected to produce approximately 60,000 tonnes per year (MTY) of zinc cathode.

Behrent was hired to develop prefeasibility level costs for the entire mine, mineral processing, roasting, and acid production facilities.  This operation had the potential to produce approximately 5,000 tons per day of concentrated sulfuric acid.  A significant portion of that sulfuric acid would need to be transported via railcar fleet.  The study focused on developing the following items:

  • Process design criteria
  • Flow Sheets
  • Mass balance
  • Equipment list
  • General arrangement drawings
  • Material takeoffs
  • Electrical one-lines
  • Pricing/estimating

General arrangement drawings showing both plan and section views were generated for the proposed facility.  A major equipment list was developed for the increased plant capacity. 

The equipment list was used to produce electrical one-line diagrams and to estimate total connected power load and electrical consumption.  Capital construction costs and annual operation and maintenance costs were also estimated.