Mojave Gas Conditioning Tower

Mojave, California

Mojave Gas Conditioning Tower

At the Mojave California Cement Plant, a gas conditioning tower was to be installed in place of the existing air-to-air heat exchanger on its Kiln Line 6 preheater tower. The existing preheater outlet duct needed to be connected to the inlet of the conditioning tower, and new ductwork needed to be connected to the outlet of the conditioning tower as well as the inlet of the kiln system induced draft fan.

Behrent Engineering developed the 3D AutoCAD model of the Conditioning Tower, inlet & outlet ductwork, and showed its relationship to the existing preheater tower. From this model the steel framing drawings, ductwork drawings and the foundation drawings were derived. The following tasks were completed for each of the noted disciplines:


  • Developed 3D model of existing gas cooler tower and the new Conditioning Tower
  • Designed ductwork from preheater and inlet of tower
  • Designed ductwork from outlet of tower to I.D. Fan
  • Laid out the tower dust hopper and determined the route of the dust screw conveyor
  • Determined required steel shell thickness of spray tower
  • Developed P & ID
  • Developed water and compressed air piping layouts
  • Prepared General Arrangement drawings of the tower system
  • Developed order of magnitude construction cost
  • Relocated and sized new preheater tower air handling units


  • Compared existing preheater loads with new equipment loads
  • Developed wind and seismic loads for the site
  • Developed structural design model for new tower
  • Modeled existing floors that were reused to support conditioning tower
  • Prepared demolition drawings for existing steel that needed to be removed
  • Designed and detailed new steel supports inside existing tower
  • Detailed new support tower and connection drawings
  • Designed and detailed inlet and outlet duct supports