Rifle Sodium Bicarbonate Plant

Rifle, Colorado

Rifle Sodium Bicarbonate Plant

In anticipation of a sodium bicarbonate plant expansion in Rifle, Colorado, Beherent Engineering was contracted to upgrade the existing plant boiler capacity. The plant had one CB7002200 boiler for train #2 and two CB100800 boilers for train #1

The project was constructed in two phases. The first phase was the installation of the boiler in the open space between train #2 boiler and the two boilers for train #1. After the completion of the first phase, the second phase of construction was started.

The second phase was the demolition of the two existing boilers for train #1, demolition of the building and foundations for the two train #1 boilers, the construction of new concrete foundations for the new train #1 boiler/building enclosure and the erection of a new building enclosure over train #1 boiler and the boiler in the open space between train #1 boiler and train #2 boiler. 

Behrent provided the engineering and design services for the following tasks:

  • 3D laser scanning was performed to develop an AutoCAD 3D model of the work area.
  • Developed conceptual layouts to determine the location of train #3 boiler for client approval.
  • Developed conceptual layouts for the new boiler for train #1, showing location of boiler, access and new building enclosure around train #1 and train #3 boilers for client approval.
  • Provided a preliminary update of the P&ID for the addition of the new boilers.
  • Determined steam piping changes/modifications necessary for the addition of train #3 boiler and train #1 boiler
  • Provided preliminary updates of existing electrical single lines for new boiler loads
  • Prepared Final Engineering scope of work