Tehachapi CEMS Stack Platforms

Tehachapi, California

Tehachapi Cems Stack Platforms

Behrent Engineering was contracted by a major cement manufacturer to provide engineering and design services associated with requirements for Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS) stack platforms at their Tehachapi Plant located in California. The company was required to update their stacks to include continuous emission monitoring (CEMS) according to the NESHAPS standards by the EPA. The upgrade included the extension of the existing stack platform, new cable tray to the existing ACI room, and new monitoring ports.

Behrent Engineering provided the following engineering and design services:

  • Reviewed the existing design drawings for the existing stack and platform
  • Visited the site to take measurements and collect field data
  • Modeled the existing stack and platform
  • Provided the layout of the new ports on the existing stack
  • Designed new extensions to the existing platform
  • Detailed all connections, including new steel to existing platform, and new steel to existing stack
  • Provided the layout and design of new cable tray supports extending back to the existing ACI room
  • Prepared structural check calculations as required
  • Stamped the structural calculations with State of California Engineer’s stamp
  • Stamped the design drawings with State of California Engineer’s stamp