XCEL Compressor Project

Denver, Colorado

Xcel Compressor

Behrent Engineering was contracted by a major Colorado Gas Utility Company to provide the engineering and design services associated with adding a third engine/compressor unit to their Marshall Compressor Station. The new compressor unit required a Unit Control Panel to operate, control, monitor, and protect the engine/compressor combination.

The following engineering and design services were included in the scope of work:

  • Schematic Drawings, including P&ID drawings, Cause & Effect diagram, Control Power schematic, update Network Architecture Drawing.
  • Panel Fabrication Drawings, including component selection and Bill of Material, Panel Layout drawing, and internal wiring diagrams.
  • Panel Fabrication, including procurement of all components required for panel.
  • Construction Drawings and Documents, including Component Layout Drawing, External Wiring Diagrams, Cable Schedule, and Contractor’s scope of work.
  • PLC Software, including main program and subroutines for: emergency shutdown logic, normal protective shutdown logic, alarm logic, start and stop sequence logic, loading and unloading logic, speed control, recycle valve control, associated equipment control, machine statistics logging, input conditioning and scaling, output buffering, communications to Unit HMI, and communications to Station PLC.
  • HMI Software, including Unit #3 overview screen, ESD screen, Unit#3 status screen, valve control pop‐up screen, cylinder control pop‐up screen, manual operation pop‐up screen, engine temperatures screen, engine pressures screen, vibration override pop‐up, operation setpoint screen, alarm setpoints screen, shutdown setpoints screen, PID control screen, alarm screen, discrete I/O status screen, analog I/O status screen, thermocouple reading screen, trend screen, four ESM status screens, and HMI screen shots for description of operation. Adapt existing description of operation for this unit.
  • Check‐out PLC Panel and Test PLC/HMI software, including write detailed panel check‐out plan, panel check‐out, write detailed integrated (PLC and HMI) software test plan, test PLC and HMI software.
  • Support for Unit testing at compressor / engine assembly shop.
  • Commissioning support and start‐up support on site.
  • As‐built Documentation